October 03, 2015

Renalle Kerguelen

Renalle Kerguelen by F.M. Busby4 Stars

Finally published, long overdueOctober 3, 2015

As a huge fan of Busby's Hulzein dynasty novels, I found this installment satisfying. The first third of the story moved rather slowly, re-introducing characters and history from earlier works and building new characters, but it eventually took off. Some readers may not appreciate the fairy tale ending, but I found myself hoping for just that and was not disappointed. Thankfully, the character Renalle is nothing like her "niece/sister" Liesel, the snotty little brat who rated two of her own novels (Rebel's Seed and Alien Debt); Renalle is likable! While the story stands on its own, I suggest first reading the entire Rissa Kerguelen saga (Young Rissa, Rissa and Tregare, and The Long View) followed by the Bran Tregare stories (Star Rebel and Rebel's Quest). Only then can you fully appreciate the complexities and depth of the characters and their relationships, and perhaps feel, as I did, the familiarity and closeness of family and old friends.  — Paul A. Scott 

Posted by pscott at October 3, 2015 09:23 AM