December 07, 2000

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant5 Stars

An animated masterpieceDecember 7, 2000

My sister-in-law lent me the VHS version last Thanksgiving. Looking briefly at the front cover, I could gather little desire to "pop it in" and sit back to what I thought would be a boring story and even less interesting animation. There it sat on top of the VCR until this Thanksgiving when I figured I was way overdue in returning it. So, with time and indifference to burn, I blew the dust off the VCR and, lucky for me, it still worked. Almost immediately I was drawn in by the quality of the animation; honest to goodness animation, not over-the-top CGI. I started paying attention. As the story unfolded an amazing thing happened. I was that little boy, feeling surprise, fear, happiness, anger, contempt, sadness, respect and love. I forgot I was watching an animated film, and began living an unforgettable experience. The Iron Giant is a beautifully crafted film built around a touching story with high moral value that is guaranteed to entertain. Yet more proof that you shouldn't judge a book (or a movie) by its cover. I was so impressed, I bought the DVD, which will forever be an annual Thanksgiving Day event. — Paul A. Scott 

Posted by pscott at December 7, 2000 05:03 PM