July 02, 2000

La Femme Nikita

La Femme Nikita5 Stars

Not Just Another Action FilmJuly 2, 2000

If you saw "Point of No Return" with Bridget Fonda, you owe it to yourself to see this film, "La Femme Nikita." While the two films are superficially very similar, the original "La Femme Nikita" has depth that the remake completely lacks. 

Anne Parillaud's performance is so powerful she wouldn't have to speak a single word to convince us of the totality of her metamorphosis from a punkish, thoughtless killer, to a complex, yet sensitive and caring woman. More than anything else, this movie is a social commentary against the death penalty. When Nikita (Anne Parillaud) recklessly pulls the trigger, ending the life of a policeman who is asking for mercy, I was demanding she be put to death. But almost immediately afterwards, Parillaud had me feeling sorry for her! My feelings flopped back and forth throughout, but each time a little less back and a little more forward. Given a chance, an education, self-esteem, and her femininity, Nikita becomes a new and decent person; a world apart from the life she knew as a drugged-out punk. 

Don't miss this film! — Paul A. Scott 

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