October 03, 1999

Fire in the Sky

Fire In The Sky by Travis Walton5 Stars

You Won't Want to Put This Book Down!October 3, 1999

Walton captures your attention on the first page and never lets go. His skillful writing style is eclipsed only by the abduction experience itself. After a brief but delightful introduction, you are taken on a wild and terrifying journey through the unknown, as you bounce between the surreal world of alien abduction and the repercussions back on terra firma. Walton displays uncommon courage by delving into his own psyche, before, during and after his abduction. With impeccable logic, and verifiable facts, he successfully counters virtually every known criticism from his detractors. Walton should be lauded for avoiding personal interpretation in the telling of his experience. And yet, in a chapter dedicated to speculation, he satisfies our natural curiosity. Walton does such an expert job of answering our questions along the way, you may feel totally sated by the time you get to "The Making of Fire." Don't cheat yourself by skipping this chapter. Apart from explaining the reasons the movie departed from fact, it is a fascinating look into the world of movie making, with captivating portraits of the cast members. This book should be thoroughly enjoyable to UFO buffs and newcomers alike. Those less familiar with the UFO culture may be a little put off by Walton's defensive stance—the bulk of which is thoughtfully confined to an appendix—but hardcore enthusiasts will appreciate his candor and thoroughness. — Paul A. Scott 

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