May 29, 2003

Speaker Repair

Recently the speakers attached to my entertainment system began to sound "scratchy." To my horror, when I pulled the faces off the speaker cabinets, the cones on each woofer appeared to be torn to shreds. Luckily, it was only the foam surrounding the cone that had disintegrated, and my overactive imagination playing tricks on me; the cones and voice coils were undamaged.

According to The Speaker Place, it is inevitable that the foam will deteriorate over eight to sixteen years. This is a common problem with a simple and inexpensive solution: a refoam repair kit for only $29 including shipping charges and an instructional video. Only a few days after I placed my order, I had received the kit and by the following day my speakers were in fine condition once again.

If your speakers ever require a refoam job, don't hesitate to buy one of these kits. It will save you hundreds of dollars.

Posted by pscott at May 29, 2003 12:17 PM