August 12, 1999


Amateur Radio: I've held an amateur extra class license since 1974 and am active on the HF (cw only), VHF, and UHF bands. Equipment includes an ICOM-761 HF rig, a Kenwood TH79-A dual-band handheld, and a Kenwood TM-733A dual-band mobile rig.

Aviation: Someday I'm going to purchase a Lancair certified, four-place single. There just isn't a more impressive piston powered airplane in the sky. For now, I rent vintage Piper and Cessna flying washing machines from the Long Beach Flying Club. Favorite destinations: San Diego and Santa Barbara. Furthest destination: Seattle, WA (1800 nm roundtrip).

Computing: What fun would a career be if it wasn't also your hobby? Perhaps the best computing experience today is Apple's Mac OSX. Pure fun! I ported the hercules S/390 emulator to Mac OSX. Using hercules and Virtual PC, I can now run MVS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OSX all on the same machine! Even at the same time!

Entertainment: I'm a big movie buff, but rarely go out to the theatre. My giant DVD collection is growing faster than a puppy, and I supplement that with TCM and other great cable channels. I still find time, though, to do plenty of reading—mostly science fiction, but also non-fiction and technical material.

Sports: It doesn't get any better than biking along the southern California coastline! I try to get at least 15 miles each morning, but occasionally I'll have time for a 60 mile ride. I also enjoy volleyball, swimming and walking.

Posted by pscott at August 12, 1999 10:04 PM