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Personal Information


Software Developer
Mac, Mainframe, UNIX, Windows
30+ years in field.

Government Issue

FAA Private Pilot License (SEL, Instrument Rating)
FCC Amateur Radio License (Extra Class)


AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)
ARRL (American Radio Relay League)


Amateur Radio: I've held an amateur extra class license since 1974 and am active on the HF (cw only), VHF, and UHF bands. Equipment includes an ICOM-761 HF rig, a Kenwood TH79-A dual-band handheld, and a Kenwood TM-733A dual-band mobile rig.

Aviation: Someday I'm going to purchase a Lancair certified, four-place single. There just isn't a more impressive piston powered airplane in the sky. For now, I rent vintage Piper and Cessna flying washing machines from the Long Beach Flying Club. Favorite destinations: San Diego and Santa Barbara. Furthest destination: Seattle, WA (1800 nm roundtrip).

Computing: What fun would a career be if it wasn't also your hobby? Perhaps the best computing experience today is Apple's Mac OSX. Pure fun! I ported the hercules S/390 emulator to Mac OSX. Using hercules and Virtual PC, I can now run MVS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OSX all on the same machine! Even at the same time!

Entertainment: I'm a big movie buff, but rarely go out to the theatre. My giant DVD collection is growing faster than a puppy, and I supplement that with TCM and other great cable channels. I still find time, though, to do plenty of reading—mostly science fiction, but also non-fiction and technical material.

Sports: It doesn't get any better than biking along the southern California coastline! I try to get at least 15 miles each morning, but occasionally I'll have time for a 60 mile ride. I also enjoy volleyball, swimming and walking.